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Hey guys. Haven’t blogged in a while

hey guys. It’s cameron. I’m sure alot of you have forgotten who I am… and I don’t blame you. I have been neglecting my tumblr for so long right now. My freakin layout doesnt even work with the present day codes. But I really want to get back on here. Adjusting from being a kid with an image, to being an adult with bills to pay, rent, and living on my own the past 2 years- has been a damper on my creative flow and my internet usage. I hate growing up. I wish I could be a kid again. It all hit me pretty hard in 2011, but I’ve just been making ends meet and living from place to place; room to room. All the time, sketching and brainstorming ideas of what I could be doing. 

I’m finally settled in a place I can safely call home. After a year and a half of crazy roomates, shit being stolen, lies being told, reputations built and reputations crushed. I’m doing the best I can, while figuring out how to dodge the bullets that life is throwing at me. I cant seem to party with my friends without losing an iphone, and everytime I lose a phone it sets me back.

I’m not rich, and fabulous. I’m just like you guys.. Someone with a dream with a taste for nice things. I work telecommunications while modeling and doing makeup and performing on the side.. I deal with the consequences of my actions and I learn things day to day. Luckily I’ve found good people to surround myself with that have been there for me that I can be there for till the very end. I struggle however with putting myself out there to the whole world with the ideas I have.. eh

I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but its felt really good to let it out. Much love followers. Stay tuned, expect something by december. love you guys. keep inspiring yourselves! 

xoxo Cameronugh

Anonymous: Hi, i have a gay friend who is having a lot of trouble coming out. Advice for him? ps: (he thinks you are really cute)

There’s no better time than now. So many things can happen when you open the door… but you can never have honest relationships with anyone (friends or family) until you come out. I understand some people risk losing everything.. and that’s very sad that they cant be open about who they are. My biggest advice is to just stay safe and only YOU can know when the right time is. With some people the time is chosen for them, and theres nothing you can do to stop it. Hold in there guys

chemicalchase: i dont mean this in a mean way (if that makes sense) but what are you famous for ive seen you all over the place on facebook and then i heard a few people in school talk about you and i really want to know :)

I ask myself the same question

Anonymous: why are you gay ?

The trillion dollar question. All I can say, is I guess this is what gods plan for me was.

Anonymous: What is it like to be a drag-queen? I am 17 year old and bi. I have some friends that are girls that told me I should be a drag-queen. I went a Miley Cyrus for Halloween one year (lol) and I was wondering if you thought it might be a good opportunity for me. I love you so much, you are a huge inspiration to me, and my friend is madly in love with you, haha. Well, I hope you can answer my question :) Love ya!! -Damon C.

Don’t think of it as an opportunity, think of it as a way to express your creativity. If you’re feeling like you wanna persue the art of female impersonation then go for it. If you’re just wanting to do what your friends think, I urge YOU to think about it. But I say, whatever your dream is, go for it. Don’t let anyone hold you back from expressing yourself. especially if you have an artistic passion in it.

Anonymous: I dated a guy yearss ago online (my stupid days) and I just now found out he was using your pics, he had tried to visit me too, im just super glad I said no cause it was probably a pedophile. hella creepy

oh :/ I know what its like to be catfished. that’s why it affets me so much when I hear that someones using me to hurt other people for their own selfish gain. I’m sorry that happened to you. you’re not alone

Anonymous: I wish I was a guy so we could date and fall in love and get married and adopt little straight babies that would beat up the people who make fun of gays and ugh life is so unfair i love you bye

all I wanna do in life is breed those kinds of people. its unfortunate that its the opposite of what you said thats mass breeding and spreading its hate amongst us. thanks for the message !

margomonnet: You need to do your videos like you said you would in September I know its still early in the month but im dying over here in Tulsa! Austin/Houston is so far from me! Huge tam and wanna see your face! Videos please Kk thanks >~<

Life is hard

gummybear1124: So there is a guy on facebook claiming to be u and he goes under the name Jay Lovesu idk what to do

I guess talk to him and pretend hes me? I dont even know how to react to all the fake profiles of me. I guess If you’re into it, join in the fantasy. if it freaks you out that an old dude is hitting on you, take this message for what it is. I’m sorry this is happening, but I can’t stop it. I’m powerless. 

clairvoyanttt: Oh baby, you are the most perfect person. c: ily.

I so totally am NOT